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Championship Series 

Championship Series 2019

We are keeping the Championship Series for 2019! Below you will find the scoring standards/points awarded for final placement during our competitions.
380 60
Bonus Points will be awarded for each first place finish in a specific workout within a Guardian Games competition. One additional point will be awarded to the defined point distribution above.
Tie Breaks will be resolved by awarding placement to the athlete with the highest event finishes during the competition season.
Frequently Asked Questions 
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Look back at previous The Guardian Games workouts, and think about whether or not you can do the majority of the weights and movements listed. If you can do most of the “Girl” workouts as prescribed, you should probably do the RX division. However, some of our workouts involve weights much heavier than the “girls”.

If you have placed first, second, or third at a Guardian Games event as a “Scaled” participant in the current season, we encourage you not to compete as a “Scaled” participant any longer for that season. We want our competitors to continually challenge themselves! We do reserve the right to move you to an appropriate division based on prior accomplishments during the season.

You can view our workouts from past competitions on our Instagram account at:
We typically release our workouts 48 hours before the event. They’ll be released to Facebook and Instagram.
We generally release these 72 hours before the event, to give us time to process registration changes.
If you want to judge or volunteer, go to the event page for the competition you’d like to help with, and click the volunteer button (if applicable for that event). We treat our judges and volunteers very well. We show our appreciation for the time and effort you invest when helping us. It’s a really exciting experience and we hope you can help out.
Please use our contact form to get in touch with us directly. Generally, we want sponsors that will see a direct benefit from their exposure through the Guardian Games, that also mix well with the Guardian Games community. We offer sponsorships for entire series, as well as individual events.
Movement Standards 
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Movement standards are similar to standards used in the Open. Please feel free to view The Guardian Games Instagram page to view movement standards used in past competitions.

Promoting Fitness while giving back! Please contact us to organize and promote an event today!
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